Maintenance guide

You have chosen the best prefinished flooring in the industry. Mercier’s expertise in the manufacture and finishing of wood flooring is second to none, and excellence is our constant goal. We develop and refine state-of-the-art technological processes, constantly excelling and innovating to meet your changing needs. We have prepared this maintenance guide packed with useful tips to help you protect the beauty of your floor for years to come. Following these maintenance instructions is key to keeping your warranty valid.


Protecting your investment has never been so easy!

Mercier has products specially designed to clean and protect your prefinished floor. Normal maintenance of a prefinished floor is fast and easy. Just follow these two steps.

Step 1

The best way to protect your wood floors is to vacuum regularly. The vacuum cleaner removes dust and abrasive substances from the surface. Frequency: As often as necessary.

Step 2

Spray a small quantity of cleaner on your Mercier mop and swab a section of floor in the same direction as the floorboards. Continue until the entire floor is done. Wash mop covers as required. Frequency: Under the warranty, monthly cleaning is a minimum maintenance requirement.


Never use wax, household detergent, or oil-based soap on the floor. These products may discolor and damage the finish and leave a greasy film, making the floor slippery and difficult to maintain afterwards. The greasy film may also make it impossible to apply a restorer coat.

Mixtures of water and vinegar are not recommended for cleaning prefinished flooring, since vinegar has an oxidizing effect on the finish.

Mercier Maintenance Products

The Mercier maintenance kit contains:

  • 1 mop
  • 1 easy-to-install, washable microfiber cover
  • 1 bottle of spray cleaner (700 ml/24 oz) For optimal performance, use distilled water to dilute this concentrate to ensure it leaves no residue on your floor.
  • 1 maintenance guide

PRIME : 1 bouteille de nettoyant concentré (permet de faire 800 mL/28 oz de nettoyant)

Non-abrasive Mercier cleaner is acid-free and oil-free and will not leave any residue or marks on the surface.

Mercier Cleaner

700 ml/24 oz. spray bottles of Mercier cleaner can be purchased separately at your Mercier retailer.

Mercier 122 oz. Cleaner

Mercier 3.6 L/122 oz. cleaner can be purchased at your Mercier retailer.

Mercier Replacement Cover

Available at your Mercier retailer. Machine wash cover after using.

Wood and water

Wood fibers swell when they absorb water, which can damage floors and their finish. When water gets into your floor, it can alter floorboard dimensions, cause discoloration, and lead to mold build-up between boards.

Floors in kitchens and entranceways are particularly subject to getting wet. Special care must be taken with wood floors in these locations to maintain recommended humidity and temperature levels and prevent water from getting on the floor.


Never use large amounts of liquid or water to clean wood floors, and never use a saturated mop.


Wipe up spilled water, liquids, or detergents before they are absorbed by the wood fibers.

Place floor mats at each doorway and in front of the sink, dishwasher, and work areas in the kitchen.

Place leakproof saucers under your plants to avoid accidental spills. Choose pots with a waterproof glaze rather than porous clay pots that may let water through.

Wood and abrasives

Abrasives are bad news for your floors. Sand and small pebbles underfoot act like sandpaper on the finish. Even a tiny pebble can damage a finish or leave a mark.


Vacuum as often as necessary. Place mats inside and outside all exterior doors. Mats should trap abrasives while allowing the floor to breathe.

Wood and humidity

Wood is a natural material that constantly reacts to variations in temperature and humidity. Ideally, the internal moisture level of wood should be between 6% and 9%. Wood swells when it absorbs excess humidity from the air, and contracts when humidity levels fall to low.

Floorboards with higher than normal moisture levels may bulge slightly, whereas spaces will appear between the floorboards if moisture levels are too low. Generally, wood resumes its original dimensions when conditions return to normal.


Maintain relative humidity between 40% and 55% and a temperature of approximately 20° Celsius (68°F) in your home in order to preserve the internal humidity of the wood and thus its dimensional stability. These conditions are ideal for humans as well. If necessary, use appropriate appliances like air exchangers, heating systems, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, etc. to control these environmental conditions.

To avoid marking your floors

The species of wood used to make Mercier floors offer a high level of compression resistance. However, if pressure exerted on a wood floor is greater than its compression resistance, marking will result. Pressure is determined by an object’s weight and the surface in contact with the floor. The smaller the contact surface for an equivalent weight, the greater the pressure.


Avoid wearing high-heeled shoes on hardwood floors as they can mar the surface. Heel surfaces are so small that the pressure exerted can easily reach 3,500 pounds per square inch. Worn or broken heels can mar flooring even more. Avoid walking on flooring in footwear with cleats or metal-tipped soles.


Glue felt pads to the legs of furniture and chairs to avoid scratching flooring when objects are moved. Periodically examine the pads for wear and replace when needed. MERCIER’s felt pads available at your retailer.

Avoid rolling chairs with casters on the finished surface. Put them on rugs or Plexiglas chair mats. Place floor protectors under narrow casters, or replace them with wide rubber or flexible polyurethane casters.

Regularly trim your pets’ claws to prevent scratches and indentations.

Do not drag furniture or heavy objects across the finished surface. Lift any furniture to be moved or place it on a piece of plywood (to distribute the load) laid on a blanket in order to slide it along the floor.

Changes in color

The urethane factory finish on Mercier flooring has a protective screen that filters out UV rays causing yellowing and helps you maintain the original appearance of your floor for as long as possible. We nonetheless recommend that you protect wood surfaces from sunlight or any source of bright artificial light. Move rugs and furniture from time to time to ensure that the color of the floor remains even as it gradually ages.

Please note that it is normal for the colour of the Exotic species, as well as the American cherry and walnut to naturally mature with or without exposure to UVs.

Troubleshooting Tips

Here are some simple tips for dealing with everyday problems.

Spilled liquid

Quickly wipe up spills with a dry cloth or paper towel, then spray some Mercier cleaner on a cloth to clean the surface.

Sticky or oily stain

Dampen a cloth with Mercier cleaner then rub the soiled area. Rinse the cloth and wipe the surface thoroughly.

Rubber or heel marks

Rub with a cloth lightly dampened with Mercier cleaner.

Stubborn stains

Ink, tar, wax crayon, etc. First, try cleaning the stain using a cloth and Mercier cleaner. If this doesn’t work, pour a small amount of paint thinner or lighter fluid on a dry cloth. Once you have removed the stain, wipe the surface using Mercier cleaner to remove any residue.

Scratched wood or finish

Small scratches in the urethane finish can be repaired with the Mercier touch-up kit. See instructions for minor floorboard repairs.

Deep marks

Floorboards damaged by a blow from a heavy object or for any other reason can be easily replaced. See instructions for floorboard replacement.

How to do minor floorboard repairs

You can hide the small holes left by finishing nails and minor scratches with a Mercier wood putty.

  1. Fill the hole.
  2. Wipe excess wood putty immediately with a clean cloth and Mercier cleaner.
  3. Apply a thin coat of urethane to the surface.
  4. Let dry for about an hour.

How to replace a board

Replacing a damaged or cracked board is a relatively simple operation. If you are not able to perform the repairs yourself, contact your Mercier retailer.

  1. Select a replacement board slightly longer than the one to be changed. Check to see it matches the surrounding boards.
  2. Using a circular saw or router, cut the board lengthwise to within 1/2” of the edges. For a glued board, make several cuts close together to separate the board into smaller sections.
  3. Make a diagonal cut down the center of the board from one end to the other of the cuts made in Step 2. It may be necessary to make more than one cut if the board is glued in place.
  4. Using a wood chisel, remove the central part of the board first (between the side cuts).
  5. Remove nails or staples (this step does not apply to glued Engineered boards), then remove edges, taking care not to damage the adjacent boards.
  6. Remove the underlying construction paper or adhesive and clean any residue from the subfloor.
  7. Trim the replacement board to the desired length, cutting excess length from the tongue end.
  8. Remove the lower edge of the groove on the end and side of the board.
  9. Position the board to check the fit, then remove it.
  10. Apply glue to the subfloor.
  11. Install the board, using a rubber mallet and a wood block to place it in position.

Restoring a prefinished floor

Factory-finished floors can be restored after a number of years of use. Depending on the condition of the floor, you have two options. You can apply a new finishing coat if wear is limited. Or you can sand the surface and apply an entirely new finish. This option allows you to stain the floor a different color if you wish.

Protect your investment with Mercier maintenance products

Have you used up your Mercier microfiber cover or cleaner? To ensure optimal maintenance of your hardwood floors and prevents residue build-up caused by certain cleaning products, insist on the Mercier cleaner, available at your authorized Mercier retailer.

To find the authorized Mercier retailer nearest you, visit: or call 1 866 448-1785.

Mercier Maintenance Products

  • Mercier maintenance kit
  • Bottle of spray cleaner (700 ml/24 oz.)
  • Bottle of spray cleaner (3.6 L/122 oz.)
  • Replacement microfiber cover