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Send all your mails to the human resources department in Drummondville, for positions in Drummondville and Montmagny.

Mercier Wood Flooring, the employer

Working for Mercier Wood Flooring is being part of a close team, dynamic, responsible and human, in a secure work environment of high quality, with great social relations.

A responsible company

Mercier Wood Flooring is working every day to minimize the environmental impact of its operations by:

  • Maximizing the raw material usage,
  • Recycling renewable energies,
  • Reducing atmospheric emissions,
  • Managing chain of custody and supplying certified wood products.

Mercier is a certified manufacturer from the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®).

Energy derived from the production process is reused, either for our heating systems, or as fuel for the dry kilns. In 2005, in reward of our energy reuse efforts, Natural Resources Canada awarded Mercier with the title of “Industrial Energy Innovator” under the context of the Canadian Industry Energy Economy Program (PEEIC).

Every employee is working in his respective position in consideration of environment and is assured to work for an employer that deploys all relevant actions to respect it.

Agreeable working conditions


Health and safety at work is of great importance and requires the involvement and responsibilization of each and every employee at every position. Thanks to that responsibilization and the respect of rules and procedures of health and safety at work, Mercier Wood Flooring prides itself to be a safe work environment, displaying a risk indicator of better performance than average in the wood industry.

Place to communication

Internal communication is of great importance at Mercier, to achieve efficient and agreeable teamwork. To promote it:

  • Regular meetings are held in team, to update on business evolution and plan for the future ;
  • An internal newspaper is published every three month: it represents the voice of every employee wishing to share an experience or knowledge on a given subject, and includes editorials of each department to inform any member of the Mercier team of the very last business and social evolutions.

Human company

In order to improve continually, Mercier conducts employee satisfaction surveys regularly in order to readjust its internal practices.

Mercier has adopted organizational values with the first one being quality of life. The familial company encourages personal initiatives and social activities. The social club of Drummondville and the social activities committee in Montmagny regularly organize parties and funny activities: Christmas party, summer BBQ, Halloween, Riviera cruise, rafting, Valcartier…

A dynamic spirit

Work teams are dynamic and made of young-hearted people, representing the corporate spirit and the managers’ and owners’ philosophy.